Monday, June 4, 2012

Ault Love.

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If you asked, "What the hell is she gonna wear with these shoes?" when you saw this post, then you, my friend, were asking the same exact thing I had been asking myself when these shoes arrived in my hands a couple of months ago. Should I strive for a low-key look, pairing it with regular jeans and a cute top, only to be ridiculed by serious fashionistas around the world? Or pair it with an outfit that costs more than my car? I felt guilty walking past these gorgeous shoes day by day, wondering what to wear with them. I had scoured the internet, searching for how a 5'5" girl can pull these babies off. All I could find were 5'11" beauties strutting down the catwalk with them with the beautifully wrapped YSL fabrics clinging to their perfect bodies. Sigh. I knew that these shoes were not meant to be admired within a shoe closet, they were meant to be worn out, and I'll be damned if they don't match anything I own! Luckily, I received this lovely dress from Motel Rocks, and knew that this was the dress. Perfect or un-perfect, such as my life, I knew that I had to continue on...


Disclosure: Wida has been watching too many episodes of Sex and the City, she is not responsible for any attributes to sounding/writing similarly to Carrie Bradshaw.

Dress: Motel Rocks Shoes: YSL
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