To Japan, With Love.

As you all know, Japan has been through a lot during these last few days. I've been thinking of a lot of ways to be able to help in anyway I could. After seeing this blogger holding a raffle to help raise money to donate to Japan, I knew I had to do something special as well.

Here, I am holding an auction to raise money for relief efforts to help Japan. The dress is an XSCAPE dress, by designer Joanna Chen. I bought it at a second-hand store for $75 USD in pristine condition, it has never been worn, and the tags are still on it. It is a women's US size 6, and I foolishly believed that I could one day wear it when I became older.(I am a women's size 0, and am very far from a size 6) This lovely dress has been in my closet, never worn. That is why I've picked this item to be auctioned off. (And the fact that it is too beautiful not to be worn!)


$50 USD

Emily has won!

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  1. I am so sad to hear about the disaster in Japan, and I hope everything there can be better
    I would like to help, but i am to young to join the auction (well, what can a 17 years old girl like me can do?)
    I pray so much for Japan and Japanese people
    You are so kind with this auction, i hope the donation could help, i wish all the best <3

  2. reading your post, so I changed my newest post and wrote about Japan in it
    ehe, I don't have much money to help, but I hope your sincere donation helps a lot
    good luck for the action, girl!
    the dress is very beautiful <3

  3. what a beautiful dress and a kind gesture! your blog is too cute, following you now =)

  4. wow it is lovely x

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  5. A really nice post! What bad guys disaster! There should be more people like you do on blogs. For now, I can only limit myself to send 2 € by telephone companies.

    I think you're a really nice person!

  6. so wonderful to see that people care.
    on my blog so you will find a link to the "red cross"
    which is a club here in Sweden that you can donate money
    for different purposes. will be so glad you liked my blog,
    read on. It is possible to translate it, hugs from haley
    LyssnaLäs fonetiskt

  7. Nice post, love what you are doing for Japan. At the moment I've sent 10$ to redcross, hope it can helps...

  8. What an amazing dress! I love the idea and it's so heartwarming to see everyone coming together to help out Japan. It's so sweet of you to donate this dress! xoxoxoo

  9. the derss are soo beautiful!
    thank you for the lovely comment :)
    have a nice day
    i following you

    anja <3

  10. What a fantastic post. Very generous.
    Beautiful dress but not my size :(


  11. Nice post :)
    You have a kind heart, good luck for you :)

  12. Ohh gosh!
    Is a beautiful dress!

  13. The catastrophe in Japan is devastating. A wonderful post for a great cause. I have donated as well.

  14. I'm so sad about Japan!
    This is a very good post and idea!
    Kisses <3

  15. Fantastic auction and what a beautiful dress. Thank you for your kind comments - I followed you, if you like pls do the same :)

  16. Love your blog, so inspirational!

    Following, Follow back!


  17. This is such a beautiful cause and I will definitely pass it on to my fellow bloggers and followers!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  18. super adorable but i am wayy too tiny for this gorgeous dress =(

  19. I think you had such a great idea. This is what blogs are for.
    You inspired me.
    Since now I follow you. Thanks for visiting styleyou.styleme.Stylish!
    Sara C.

  20. oh it's so beautiful! you are such an amazing person- trying to do all you can to help. very admirable trait! <3

  21. super cute clothes!!!
    and i'm alway praying for japan..!!
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same

  22. This is such a great way to help JApan. :)SArahD

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  24. that is a wonderful idea!

    i did a post about japan too today..take a look :)

    i am following now..hope you´re follow back ;) <3

  25. amazing dress!!!great idea!

    xoxo from rome

    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  26. I think it's a good idea but I have to say I hate the dress and I'm definitely not a size six but maybe I'll do something else to help Japan… pray, donate on myself…

  27. This is such a great dress and an even better idea!!

  28. i'll be visiting your blog again for sure!
    wonderful inspiration, darling.


  29. Such a great idea ! You are so kind and generous.Unfortunately , I'm not even close to size 6 myself.

    alexandra @

  30. oooh, the dress and the thought behind it is beautiful...i would have bidded but i am a US size 20...also far away from a size 6. lol...i also thought dedicating your blog to your sister was super sweet of you.

  31. I love it!
    I made a new post on my blog.. I attend your comment!


  32. I think this dress is quite ugly because of its textile and its colour. I also don't really like the lace at the bottom, it looks like an ugly grandma dress. But still I think its a great idea you want to sell it and then donate the money. :)

  33. This dress is FAB! it looks stolen from a princess wardrobe :D

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  34. what a breathtaking dress! and you darling, are absolutely beautiful

  35. I love it!

    Join the feather earrings give away on my blog if you like :)

  36. What a great idea and amazing dress. Love the detailing and romantic edge.

    Lovely sentiment. Every bit makes a big difference. We are all so lucky. xoxo

  37. That is amazing you did this. It really shows your character.
    My Heart Blogged

  38. Nice blog. I get plenty of visits to my blog, but even begging on facebook has gotten me no useful comments. I like the "curse often" recommendation, but I'm trying to be family-friendly myself. Maybe the comment cluster idea...


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